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Vince O. Teves' Vince's Life

Vince O. Teves' Vince's Life wasn't one of the best book that I've read but because it was the very first book that I bought authored by a Filipino writer except Bob Ong, I valued it before my college classmate borrowed the book (long long time ago) and time flew; we graduated from school; we separated ways and until now, I have no idea why people got the guts of shamelessly owning a book that doesn't belong to them. Bitter.

I bought the book for some reasons:
1. I wondered how male authors write romantic novels. Apparently, most romance writers are female. And I haven't read romantic fiction that is written by a masculine before. I believed that there could be a difference between how a woman handles and how a man sees love in their very own point of view, I reckon. It could reflect in their writings.
2. I wanted to try reading romance fiction in English for the first time.
3. The book was cheap, 150 pesos only.
4. The book cover was cute.

Vince O. Teves' Vince's Life was a cute story of guy who was very in love with a girl. The plot is all concerning Vince and his love for Andrea. It would be more suitable if the title was 'Vince's Life with Andrea'. But it was cute. I liked how it's written in male first person point of view. From what I've read, I could say that there was no big difference between a man and a woman if they are absolutely in love. They say that girls are more emotional and serious in relationships while boys are often incapable of fidelity and less emotional. They say that ladies love one man at a time while men are less serious and always flirting every pretty and sexy ladies they know. But in the novel, it breaks the rules and wrong perceptions about gentlemen. There is no such thing as incapable of fidelity. Vince's pure love for a one and only woman, that's Andrea, was amazing. Boys and girls, if Mr.Cupid struck our hearts there would be no less emotional nor less serious. Everyone gets serious and emotional for the special feeling we have for the dearest person in our lives. By the way, there are two other books (sequel) follow after this one.

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