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Joy Fielding's Puppet

At Booksale Metrotown Mall Tarlac, I bought the book for thirty pesos. I've read somewhere I couldn't remember where that Puppet is the very first novel written by Joy Fielding (if they aren't mistaken). Anyhow, I didn't do any research about the aforementioned author since she doesn't defeat my favorite Sidney Sheldon in terms of writing mystery or suspense thriller. What I happened to like about her is her style of writing, which for me, isn't sufficient to consider her fiction a masterpiece. Well, you can savor her book yourself.

The main protagonist is Amanda Travis, 28 years of age and a criminal lawyer. The story begins when her ex-husband Ben Myers (who represents her mother as her attorney) phoned her after eight years of no communication, only to ask her to come home for her mother, Gwen Price has shot and killed a total stranger in the lobby of a hotel. She's forced to return home in her hometown of Toronto although very much reluctant for some reasons: she hates memories of her past. She hates her mother who was very cruel and uncaring to her as a child and her father whom she was always craving attention from him but has died abruptly. The first few chapters are intriguing and would make you want to pursue it until you figure out what's going on, but it's just frustrating when I was almost more than half of it but couldn't really shed some light on what's really happening.

Amanda Travis isn't a likable character because at her certain age of 28 she somehow stuck in her rebellious teenage past. Understandable for teenagers that might act preposterous, angsty and undergo rebellious tendencies but in her case, all I really wanted to tell her is 'Please grow up!' Aside from she likes having mindless sex with total strangers she has shut her door on her two former husbands, first, Ben Myers whom she married at the age of eighteen, and second, Sean Travis who is almost as old as her father. She's suffering from some kind of behavioral disorder in my very opinion because no emotionally stable person would just sleep with unknown people especially married men.

I would not want to add any spoiler so I'd just recommend the book for those who are into hard-to-figure-out novels. Perhaps I should have read Lost, another Joy Fielding's which I heard is better and a page-turner one.

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matagal na kong di nakakadaan sa isa mong blog.. this is nice.. have a meaningful 2012!

January 1, 2012 at 6:33 AM  

is this ur only blog now? cause i have no idea where the others are..

:) tell me please??

anyways, i think i'm gonna like this novel..maybe. :) (ebook dl soon)

February 10, 2012 at 8:08 AM  

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