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Peter Robinson's Caedmon's Song

Caedmon's SongWe don't judge the book by its cover but a cover gives impression and at least a bit of idea what the story is about. So when I saw this book on a shelf of a thrifty bookshop I had second thought about buying it although it cost only ten pesos.

Ten pesos. As if I was about to purchase a candy or a lollipop in a tiny candy store so I gave it a try but I couldn't expect a lot for a book that cost only ten coins plus its gloomy, ghastly, horrible photo in the cover added ugly notion towards the book.

But wait until you have read the few chapters. This was my first attempt to read Peter Robinson's writings and he didn't disconcert me, though I still relish to suggest a better cover.

Every chapter is narrated by one of a pair of characters. A young university student, Kirsten, who is attacked by unknown killer but when she wakes up in the hospital she has no recollection about everything happened to her during the attack; and a beautiful lady Martha Browne who poses as an author doing research for a book but is hunting a certain quarry. Kirsten and Martha Browne's cryptic connection is something you can look forward to. Thumbs up for the narration and well structured story line. The characters are well-established and compelling. But for me, there is still a bit lacking on the plot, especially in the end part. The murderer should have done something more than just relinquished himself to death without even uttering more sensible words to defend his lunatic self. Well yeah, the author didn't give him a chance since the protagonist has already deciphered everything about the culprit herself. She, the protagonist, is impressively smart, capable of figuring out a person's locality by listening to his accent. You should read the book to understand what I'm blatting.

The novel is not that horrid but the mystery is enough to urge you to read it until the last page, which is the most important.

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you are sooo right.. :) i just recently bought two amazing book for P35!

June 13, 2012 at 3:53 AM  

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