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Steve Martin's Pure Drivel

Love in the Time of Cholera: why it's a bad title

I admit that "Love in the time of ..." is a great title, so far. You're reading along, you're happy, it's about love, I like the way the word time comes in there, something nice in the association of loveand time, like a new word almost, lovetime: nice, nice feeling. Suddenly, the morbid Cholera appears. I was happy till then. "Love in the Time of the Oozing Sores and Pustules" is probably an earlier, rejected title of this book, written in a rat-infested tree house on an old Smith-Corona. This writer, whoever he is, could have used a couple of weeks in Pacific Daylight Time.

― Steve Martin, Pure Drivel

If that excerpt from Steve Martin's book Pure Drivel hit a funny bone of yours then this book is for you. Pure Drivel is a compilation of pieces written for the New Yorker, 1998. I personally relish humorous write-ups. Steve Martin is brilliant not only as a comedian but also as a writer. You can read it in one sitting or read one or two articles at a time when you get pretty bored or gloomy. Steve Martin is amusing man and this book is hilarious especially the first half. If you want a not-so-serious, something light and funny book then I suggest Pure Drivel. My favorites are 'Writing Is Easy!' and 'How I Joined Mensa'. I am a Filipino but not wily but I found his piece 'In Search of the Wily Filipino' freaking hilarious. This is a pure fun certainly. It gives utter good vibes that intend to make us laugh.

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